Calling the USA from India has never been cheaper.

Calling the USA is pretty straightforward - When dialling the USA from your 2ndNumber WebPhone or our app, be sure to start the number with a + symbol, or 00, then the dialling code for the USA, which is +1. Then you need to dial the area code. The most popular area codes include:

Popular area codes in the USA

Area Code Location
212 New York City, NY
310 Los Angeles, CA
312 Chicago, IL
415 San Francisco, CA
202 Washington D.C.
305 Miami, FL
713 Houston, TX
702 Las Vegas, NV
312 Chicago, IL
617 Boston, MA
408 San Jose, CA
917 New York City, NY

So, to dial a number in the US you would dial eg: +1 212 745 0200 using your 2ndNumber app or WebPhone. Keep in mind, you can use the exact same process when dialling a number using your local mobile phone service - just keep in mind the price of making that call and check the providers tariffs accordingly. Although it is really cheap to call the US from India with 2ndNumber, it might not be so cheap if you make the call using your Indian smartphone's SIM card.

However, if you're calling regularly and want to save some money with 2ndNumber, we will give you a US phone number that allows you to call US numbers directly from your web browser using our WebPhone, or using our app. You just require an internet connection and an Android, iOS phone Windows PC or Mac computer.

Calling the USA will cost just 2 cents per minute which is just over one rupee per minute (₹1.60 rupees per minute to be exact - or - 160 paise)