Calling family and colleagues in Canada from India couldn't be easier.

So you need to reach out to your friends, family, colleagues or business associates and you're based in India and want to make that call. Well, wait for a moment and check the price of calling overseas from India. Local providers such as Bharti Airtel, Reliance Jio, Vodafone and BSNL & MTNL might charge a small fortune to call Canada from India so do check their pricing.

It just so happens that 2ndNumber can easily let you call Canada from India with just a mobile intenet signal over 3G or 4G - and the cost of calling Canada is just 2 cents per minute - which is only 160 paise (₹1.6 rupee).

Popular area codes in Canada

To dial Canada from your Indian mobile phone, or indeed your 2ndNumber account, you first need to dial +1 (or 001) and then the area code. So for example, some popular area codes in Canada include:

Area Code Province City/Area
416 Ontario Toronto and surrounding areas
604 British Columbia Vancouver and surrounding areas
403 Alberta Calgary and southern Alberta
514 Quebec Montreal and surrounding areas
613 Ontario Ottawa and eastern Ontario
780 Alberta Edmonton and northern Alberta
905 Ontario Greater Toronto Area (excluding downtown Toronto)

So, to dial a number in Canada you would dial eg: +1 416 593 1290 using your 2ndNumber app or WebPhone, or mobile phone. It's a bit confusing in the sense that calling USA numbers also start with +1 - these two countries both have the same country code (+1), so it's not always easy to tell whether a phone number is Canadian or American. Nonetheless the same rules apply.