Find out how easy it is to call the Philippines from your US 2ndNumber.

It doesn't matter where you are in the world, you can use your US number that you purchased from 2ndNumber, to call the Philippines. All you need is our app or access to your 2ndNumber WebPhone. If you don't have a 2ndNumber account, then you can of course use your Philippine mobile phone or landline to call the US. Most popular providers in Philippines include Globe, Smart, PLDT and DITO but it is worth mentioning that you should check the call prices before making a call as it can be expensive.

Calling the Philippines will cost 15 cents per minute using 2ndNumber, or approximately ₱8 Philippine Pesos. Remember, other operators may charge considerably more.

Popular area codes in the Philippines

When dialling the Philippines from your 2ndNumber WebPhone or our app, be sure to start the number with a + symbol, or 00, then the dialling code for the Philippines, which is +63. Then you need to dial the area code. The most popular area codes include:

City/Area Dial Code
Metro Manila 2
Cebu 32
Davao 82
Bacolod 34
Iloilo 33
Baguio 74
Zamboanga 62
Cagayan de Oro 88
Pampanga 45
Batangas 43

So, to dial a number in Manila you would dial: +63 2 88582200 using your 2ndNumber app or WebPhone. Indeed, you would dial the same if you were dialling from your Philippine mobile phone.