Avoid a landline switch-off headache by moving your UK landline number to the cloud

The current landline system that customers of BT have relied upon for decades will be closed down in 2025, creating potential problems for businesses and individuals alike.

However, help is at hand through 2ndNumber. By using our VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solution, it's possible for you to move your landline number to the cloud and unlock a host of additional benefits by doing so. In this post, we'll explain what's happening, how to make the switch, and why it's useful.

What's happening with BT landlines in the UK?

In 2021, BT announced that all its current landline numbers will be closed down by 2025. These numbers currently exist on what's known as the public switched telephone network (PSTN), which has been at the core of Britain's telecoms system for many years.

The dawn of new technology such as smartphones, video conferencing and various communication apps has changed things though and the hardware needed to support the current PSTN system is out of date, inefficient and not worth the time and money required to keep it going.

Moving forward, all phone lines in the UK will be routed over the Internet Protocol (IP). The technology required to do this is often referred to as VoiP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), which in simple terms means that you can talk to other people via the infrastructure used to power the Internet. You might also hear it called IP Voice or Digital Voice, which is BT's name for their iteration.

What does this mean for my UK landline number?

If that sounds like a significant change, don't worry: it's not. The landline handsets we're all so familiar with aren't going anywhere; you'll still be picking up the phone when it rings and dialling numbers to call friends and family.

The key change that's being made is to the system's infrastructure, but as a result of this, it's likely your phone number will change too. This may cause frustration for personal users who'll have to remember new digits and distribute them to the people they know, and significant challenges at a business level, with companies needing to update their details across collateral, their website and other key marketing touchpoints.

But there is a way to avoid such headaches.

How can I keep my existing UK landline number?

It's possible to hold on to your current UK landline number even after the PSTN switch off, and one of the simplest ways to do this is by migrating it to 2nd Number's cloud solution.

By migrating your UK landline number to the cloud you can use it as a VoIP solution and also tap into a range of additional benefits:

Divert calls to your mobile

If you're out and about a lot, you can have landline calls pushed through to your mobile, removing the possibility of missing key calls and having to find the time to get back in touch with people.

Send SMS messages from a landline number

While it's not possible to send SMS messages to a landline, it can be hugely beneficial to send them from one. Using 2ndNumber's app allows you to do just that, so you can keep any personal or business contacts together in one place.

Take advantage of cheap rates for local and international calls

By moving a number into the cloud, you'll no longer be subject to costly roaming charges. From Australia to Zimbabwe, wherever you are in the world, you'll be able to use your number to make and receive calls without the frustrating fees.

Manage incoming calls with virtual menus

If you're using your cloud number for business, you can take advantage of great features like Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menus, which are easy to set up, come in a variety of languages and accents, and allow you to be more efficient in the way you deal with incoming calls.

How do I set up a cloud-based number?

The process couldn't be any simpler. Just follow the below steps (or watch this video) and you'll be set up with 2nd Number's cloud-based landline number in no time.

  1. Sign-up for free on the 2ndNumber site and follow the instructions provided via email
  2. Return to the site, sign in and follow the geographic porting instructions. This is a simple form and the details you'll need for it can be found on a recent phone bill, so have one handy.
  3. Once that's filled in, confirm you're happy for the switch over by providing your name again.
  4. At this stage, 2ndNumber will receive and process your request.

The process typically takes around five working days and, once complete, your number will be in the cloud and available to use through the 2ndNumber app.

Find out more about moving your UK landline number to a VoIP-based cloud solution through 2ndNumber by clicking here.