Why having a second WhatsApp for business is a game changer.

By setting up a second WhatsApp account on your phone or computer using WhatsApp for Business, you can significantly enhance your professional performance and services, whilst also separating work from your personal life.

In order to set up a second WhatsApp for Business account you need a separate phone number and here at 2ndNumber that's exactly what we offer, at a low monthly cost, with no SIM card, no ID required to sign-up and no ongoing contract. You will pay less than the cost of a cup of coffee per month and can cancel at any time.

With your new 2ndNumber in place setting up a second WhatsApp account on a phone, tablet or computer could not be easier. Having a 2ndNumber is perfect for business use when you don't want to give out your private number for calls, SMS or WhatsApp.

Using a Second WhatsApp for Business enabled through 2ndNumber can enhance your responsiveness to incoming customer service and also boost your sales, whether you work alone, in a small team or as part of a larger enterprise. Our solution gives you a second number for business purposes that you can access through our iOS and Android app on your phone or tablet, or via our web dashboard on any browser.

So with 2ndNumber you can quickly set up Whatsapp and Whatsapp for Business on the same phone or device, with different phone numbers, without the need for a new SIM card.

To create a second WhatsApp account through 2ndNumber you simply take the following steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp for Business, using the iOS, Android, Windows or Mac app, or use the web version on your computer if you prefer.
  2. Then you enter your new US, Canadian or UK number you got when you joined 2ndNumber.
  3. Next you go to the 2ndNumber app or web dashboard and wait for the WhatsApp verification message, which includes the verification code.
  4. Confirm the verification code in WhatsApp for Business and you're all set.

We even have a simple explainer video on setting up a second WhatsApp account with 2ndNumber and WhatsApp for Business on the 2ndNumber YouTube channel.

We also have explainer videos on YouTube on setting up a 2ndNumber enabled Whatsapp chatbot and even how to instantly build a customer service welcome menu (known as an IVR or Interactive Voice Response) to handle routine calls from your customers and direct them to the right person or information. In addition 2ndNumber also provides an instantly editable website chatbot, to enhance your customer service, data capture, lead generation and sales.

With 2ndNumber we provide US, UK and Canadian phone numbers without asking you for a verified address or national identity documents. So if you're concerned about privacy, you lack US/UK/Canadian documentation as a resident or non-resident, or you've been the victim of a stalker or identity fraud 2ndNumber could be your ideal solution.

Our service allows you to keep your personal number completely private from your professional life, so that only your family and trusted friends have your personal number. You can also use 2ndNumber for two-factor authentication for third party services, without giving away your personal data to brands and companies.

You'll get cheap calls international and domestic calls and SMS messages and you can use 2ndNumber at no extra cost, no matter where you are in the world.

You can access your 2ndNumber SMS inbox with your unique password on any phone or computer. This means you could even share a 2ndNumber business SMS inbox with your team, so that all of you can manage 2FA (two-factor authentication) for shared online banking and other business services. You would no longer be restricted as a team by access to one mobile or phone number.

As well as a second WhatsApp for Business, you can also use your 2ndNumber account with a personal WhatsApp account if you prefer, whilst keeping an existing business number linked to Whatsapp for Business. It's entirely up to you and the set up process is the same as explained above, in the standard WhatsApp app. Likewise you can use a 2ndNumber account as a personal number simply for privacy and anonymity purposes on social media apps, if you prefer.