Assisting your business with incoming calls.

Customer service phone menus sound professional and can assist your business in meeting the demands of a large volume of incoming customer service calls. They are also called Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menus and you can set one up one in just a few minutes with the 2ndNumber IVR Builder.

IVRs can handle routine inquiries and redirect customers to human representatives for more complex queries. They can be used to direct callers to the correct department, with options such as press one for sales, press two for accounts, press three for customer support and so on.

The instructions on our website help you to set up your welcome menu or IVR in a matter of minutes. Our platform allows you to create instant customer service phone menus that can attend to incoming calls in a male or female voice, with different accents and in the language of your choice. This feature can help your business save time, money, and resources by providing your customers with the information they need, without the requirement for an expansive customer service team.

You don't have to record any messages for the welcome menu yourself, you simply type in what you want the 2ndNumber pre-recorded voice to say to your callers. You call also add call forwarding options to specific numbers, depending on what your callers select from the menu.

If you have a 2ndNumber account, you can share it with your colleagues, and they too can edit the IVR menu through the same web-based 2ndNumber dashboard.

2ndNumber allows users to set up WhatsApp and WhatsApp for Business on the same phone with different phone numbers, without the need for an extra SIM card. This means that businesses can communicate with their customers through WhatsApp while keeping their personal phone numbers private. WhatsApp for Business offers additional features like quick replies, labels, and automated messages that can help businesses provide better customer service and streamline their communication.

In addition to this, 2ndNumber allows its users to have multiple phone numbers on one phone. We offer US and Canadian phone numbers for residents and non-residents, UK phone numbers for residents and non-residents, and UK mobile numbers as well. You can pick new phone numbers with specific area codes in the US, all the different states, all Canadian provinces and territories, or all local UK dialling codes wherever you are in the world. No SIM card is needed.

At 2ndNumber, we understand the importance of separating personal and business communications. This is why we offer a second phone number for businesses that are cloud-based and accessible through a web-based dashboard or on your existing phone, via the 2ndNumber app. Separating personal and business communications can help businesses maintain a professional image, stay organized, and ensure that important calls are not missed.

It can also be useful for work colleagues to have access to a shared phone number for two-factor authentication. This allows multiple people in a team to access the same apps, such as online banking and social media accounts. Two-factor authentication can work through a shared cloud-based SMS inbox, providing businesses with an additional layer of security.

At 2ndNumber, we also allow users to create chatbots for their websites. Chatbots can help businesses improve their customer service experience by providing customers with instant responses to their queries. Like IVRs, chatbots can deal with every-day inquiries and later redirect customers with more complex queries to human customer service representatives.

This can help businesses save time and resources while providing their customers with the support they need.

2ndNumber is the best platform for businesses that want to improve their customer service experience with an instant customer service phone menu.

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