Assisting your business with incoming calls.

One of the many innovative features of 2ndNumber are our IVR menus, which help businesses handle high incoming call volumes.

IVR menus are also called Interactive Voice Response menus and it takes just a few minutes to create one with the 2ndNumber's intuitive IVR Builder. Once in place your IVR menu will mean that customers calling your 2ndNumber hear a professional and friendly sounding voice, which will direct them to the relevant department or place to information.

This means you can assist existing and potential customers without having to pay for a large human customer service team. If you do want your customers to speak to a real human customer service agent, IVR menus can help with pre-qualifying the nature of the call, providing pre-recorded information, which saves time and money.

As with 2ndNumber's WhatsApp enabled chatbot, our IVR menus are a useful additional tool which can enhance the sales, customer service and marketing of your business.

An IVR menu can be set up quickly to manage and filter the typical inquiries your business gets and to redirect customers to voicemail, give pre-recorded answers to Frequently Asked Questions or ultimately redirect callers human customer service representatives for more complex queries.

2ndNumber's IVR solution can be set up with options such as press one for sales, press two for accounts, press three for customer support and so on.

The simple instructions on our YouTube channel help you to set up your IVR menu system in a matter of minutes.

As a reliable IVR service provider 2ndNumber allows you to create instant customer service phone menus that can attend to incoming calls in a male or female voice, with different accents and in the language of your choice. This feature can help your business save time, money, and resources by providing your callers with exactly the information they need, without the requirement for an expensive customer service team. You don't even have to record any voice messages for the welcome menu yourself, you simply type in what you want the 2ndNumber pre-recorded voice to say to your callers. You call also add call forwarding options to specific numbers, depending on what your callers select from the menu.

With a 2ndNumber account, you can share it with your colleagues, and they too can edit the IVR menu through the same web-based 2ndNumber dashboard.

With 2ndNumber you can also do the following, in conjunction with your IVR, as explained in our customer Knowledgebase:

  • Forward unanswered inbound calls to another number
  • Set your number to do not disturb so that all calls go direct to 2ndnumber voicemail
  • Block or blacklist spam calls or nuisance callers
  • Get inbound SMS messages sent to your email address
  • Configure a WhatsApp chatbot using Facebook cloud API

With 2ndNumber there are many other useful features, such as being able to run a main WhatsApp account and a WhatsApp for Business account on the same phone with different phone numbers, without the need for an extra SIM card. This means that business owners and employees can communicate with their customers through WhatsApp while keeping their personal phone numbers private.

2ndNumber enables the use multiple phone numbers on one phone. We offer US and Canadian phone numbers for residents and non-residents, UK landline numbers for residents and non-residents, and UK mobile numbers as well. You can pick new phone numbers with specific area codes in the US, all the different states, all Canadian provinces and territories, or all local UK dialling codes wherever you are in the world. No SIM card, contract or ID is needed.

If you want to become a 2ndNumber user today check out our low-cost prices and subscribe now. For any further questions you can reach our support team via email at or via our Facebook group - which is also a great place to visit for updates and new feature announcements.